Biševo & The Blue Cave

While at Split in Croatia,  I also wanted to explore the Dalmatian archipelago. We initially thought of using ferries but it didn’t sound feasible. Actually I found the time ferries taking between the islands was too much and even the  schedule of ferries from Split, across the islands and back to Split didn’t feel like we could get the most out of our time on the islands within in a single day. This meant we had to either stay overnight on one of the islands (which is probably a good idea to explore the islands in depth) or only visit just a couple of them. But we were a bit short on time and in the end decided to hop the islands in style:), basically on a speed boat.

One of the most distant Adriatic island we visited was Bisevo. Only 11 people are officially registered living on this beautiful island.


We took a short boat ride from Bisevo to visit the popular blue cave. The entrance to the cave was like a vault. And as we enter the cave it was just unbelievable what we saw. The whole cave was filled with aquamarine light, natural sunlight coming in, reflecting the floor of the cave and bathing the whole water surface in blue.

Boats lining up ready to pick up people to the cave.

An unexpeced visitor on the boat 🙂


Just before entering the cave. We actually had to duck to get in


Surprisingly there was already another boat in there.




The entrance to the cave from the inside.

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