Kungsleden Day 1 – Arriving at Abisko

After a long day of flights from London to Kiruna via Stockholm plus waiting for delayed train at Kiruna train station for ages, we finally arrived at the village of Abisko in the evening. After settling in at the hostel Abisko.net, we went to the nearby supermarket to load up with ration for the next 3-4 days. We didn’t see many ppl in the village apart from some at the supermarket. After a tasty pasta bolognese dinner prepared by Carl and Anna, although at that point I didn’t realize that this was pretty much the dinner I am going to have for the rest of the days in Lapland 😦 , some of us decided to take a short walk. Basically our group leader, Ray, wanted to get familiarize with the starting point of the trail. By 11pm we were all in bed ready for an adventure pack day ahead 🙂

View from the train from Kiruna to Abisko

I was surprise to see a cadillac waiting for pickup at the train station 🙂

The hostel warden greeting us. He was so cute I felt like as he just popped out from a video game Actually the hostel was more than what I expected. There was sauna, hot water shower and wifi.

We were greeted by a rainbow 🙂

We were told not to waste hot water by the warden and if somebody did they will be allocated a very special place for the night 🙂

Ray in search for the start of the trail.


We realized there was a blue team among us 🙂  (Sean, Stephanie, myself and Elman)


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One thought on “Kungsleden Day 1 – Arriving at Abisko

  1. Lemoult Stephanie

    wow, what a nice summary!!! Love it!!! That was a great trip! Hope to you all soon!


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