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Kungsleden Day 3 Part 1 – Alesjaure to Tjaktja

Around 7am I woke up again and after having a breakfast of can of fruits, ryvita with cheese and some biscuits, we head towards Salka with a plan to skip Tjaktja…another mistake i guess 🙂


Right at the start we had to cross Alisjavri lake (i guess) via a suspension bridge.


Leaving behind Alesjaure.


After that snow covered peaks and glaciers were on both sides of the trail as we hiked on arctic meadows covered with crowberries or grass.





Alice crossing another bridge.


After about 7-8 km we took a break. The views around us were just amazing.


While Anna enjoying the views, Karl was lost in the map.


As we carried on again for another 6km to Tjaktja, Ian once again decided to unpack and pack 🙂


It was a comfortable hike with slow ascending trail with long stretches of flat parts.



Nigel in search for a perfect view for his camera


Tjaktja hut in front after hiking the only climb so far. It was very deceptive. At first glance it looked like I could simply go down the hill, cross the stream and climb back up to the hut… but guess what


this is how it looks when you actually go down the hill and reach the stream. There was a glacier with a waterfall next to it. The rocks were very slippery and it was very difficult to cross the stream. I nearly slipped but backed out. Then I looked up and realized there was another bridge behind the water fall. I simply went back up the hill, walked few hundred meters, cross the bridge and walked round back to the hut. However while i was at the stream i saw Stephanie slipping and there were a couple of other hikers that walked all the way up to the glacier and I am sure they must have fallen while crossing.


Caught Lisette watching and enjoying ppl slipping and getting wet in the stream 🙂


I was at the back so when I reached the hut I figure out nearly everyone slipped and got wet into the stream. I guess that’s why nobody alerted me about the bridge while I was down there, they were just enjoying watching  ppl slipping and getting wet 🙂


Sean decided to get on with the business… coffee 🙂


While we enjoyed the coffee, Dorota as usual couldn’t wait to carry on. She was like a soldier on a mission 🙂


The view of glacier and the waterfall from Tjaktja hut.

After a short break we carried on towards Salka.


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Kungsleden Day 2 – Abisko to Alesjaure

I woke up around 7am and after a quick breakfast of PROPER bread sandwiches with chicken slices, yogurt etc, we were on our way into the wilderness. I decided not to carry any extra food (weight) and just buy it as needed from the shops in the huts each day. But I wish I had as at this point i had no idea that for the next 3 days I will be eating Ryvita. I think eating ryvita on its own is torture 😦 , it should be banned… its ok with cheese though …anyway more on this later.


Also at this point nobody thought it’s going to be a grand 30k+ walk. Everyone hunky-dory, walking through beautiful trail and enjoying the scenery which was a mixture of flat meadows and birch forests.



There were lots of duckboards and we came across a couple of deer.


The first challenge was to ford an ice cold water stream bare footed, as we couldn’t find any bridge. Most of the people in the group were quite experienced in that from their last trip to Iceland. They showed my how to tie up my boots around the neck. The water and the rocks were so cold, it felt like I was pressing my feet against needles. I nearly fell into the waters but some saviour quicky realised that and handed me a walking pole.

while other ppl desperately looking for a bridge or some path to cross the stream, Zabeen smiling as if she knew what was coming 🙂






A variety of flora along the way.

We went through the Abisko National Park.



When the trail arrives at the Abiskojaure-lake the birches occasionally take a few steps back and that leaves us with an open scenery by the lake with high mountains on both sides.


Abiskojaure cabins were built on the opposite side, and at the other end of the lake we reach the cabins by crossing a river on a suspension bridge.


We all had lunch by the suspension bridge with a lovely view of Abiskojaure-lake. Although we skip the Abiskojaire hut, nature called and a quick visit to the hut got me the taste of a typical mountain hut toilet. Let’s not talk about it in further details. It did the job 🙂


After the lunch we head towards the towering peak of Garddenvarri again with lots of flora and mushrooms.


The trail was flat all the way but it was rocky, and when I say rocky I meant real rocky, it was hurting after half way through, Few people really struggled due to overloaded backpack with tents, camping stuff and god knows what else.


Ray, the power house, finally decided to take some rest 🙂


The highlight was going through high altitude meadow with grassy fields and rocks, and high peaks all around us before reaching Alisjavri lake. The views were just breath taking. I just couldn’t get enough of the views 🙂



After walking for 26km we reached the point where we have the option to take boat for the remaining 6km to Alesjaure hut. There was a small tent where a French lady was already preparing fire.


Von resting


Nigel in the tent having a coffee while waiting for the boat


Sean decided to pose for a click 🙂


The boat point.

Most of us decided to carry on for another 6 km, after taking a short rest, to Alesjaure as the boat costed 300 crowns.

Unlike most of the others I was in no pain at all and was still buzzing with the views and surroundings.


I was please to see the huts in the distance. There was a cabin for a shop with sitting room. Separate cabins for toilets, sauna etc. We got there around 6pm i guess.



The location of the hut was amazing with a great view to Alisjavri lake on either side.


After settling in I went straight to the shop as I was starving. Everything there was either tin packed, expedition food or dry food. Even the milk was dry. I wasn’t expecting too much honestly but no bread, yogurt or fresh food, it was a bit disappointing after walking over 30 km whole day. But hey when you are hungry everything tastes good :). I got some stuff for the dinner as well as breakfast & lunch for the next day.

The sauna and washing cabins closed at 9pm. I missed it as I was too tired after having another pasta bolognese dinner.  I just sat by the hut, had my occasional fag with a cuppa and admired the views for a long time.



Here I also find out the washing system in kitchen as there were no taps.


Cooking pasta 🙂

I noticed that the bathrooms were quite far from the rooms but then i realized why is that way…there was no running water, flush can imagine the fragrance 🙂

There was no electricity but there was a wood fire burner in each room and it was very cosy.


All dry food supply via helicopter.

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