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Power Bank – Keep my IPhone & Camera Going

As an avid trance fan I wanted to make sure I can listen to it on my iphone (well that’s where all the podcasts resides) over many days out in the wilderness without worrying for recharging, especially in areas like lapland where some mountain lodges do not even have electricity, and what if you are camping in the middle of nowhere? iPhone like any other smartphone dies easily within a day. Obviously I want to keep my camera up and running too. But I think music is more important for me as i can get pictures from fellow hikers, but not music. Trance for some reason connects me more with the nature and also it helps lift me up incase I am feeling tired during the hikes.

So the solution?…the solution was to get a Power Bank…well you can get a solar charger as well and there are other options…Anyway I got my EasyAcc 15600mAh Power Bank from amazon today in the post, just in time for the 5 days hike in lapland (and more multiday hikes to come in future). With this bad boy I can charge my iphone up to 12 times… not bad for £28 quids :)…its not that heavy either just 300 grams, easy to carry i think…although i have heard it takes up to 10 hours to charge the power bank itself 😦 …   Lets see how it performs 🙂

Power Bank

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