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Kungsleden Day 6 – Kebnekaise to Nikkaluokta

Today I had mix feelings a bit of sadness realisiong that the time is approaching when we had to say farewell to the birds, flowers and mountains. After having a hearty buffet breakfast of cereal, yogurt, juices, cheeses, boiled eggs, breads and millions of other bits, we all head to Nikkaluokta about 19km away. It was a flat and the most easiest walk of all without any rocks or boulders. We were at  Nikkaluokta in a flash. We did 19 km in about 4-5 hrs i think. A couple of ppl decided to make it more dramatic by taking a 6 min helicopter ride all the way. I saw the video and it was really cool. To ease the pain, a few ppl mistakenly took the 30 min boat ride over lake Ladtjojaure hoping that it will take it to the end but funny enough they still had to walk another remaining 8 km to Nikkaluokta from the drop off point 🙂 … basically it was a rip off,  300 crowns really ! 🙂


I will never forget Nikkolouta though. This is where I dicovered yoga. Von gave us a class of yoga and it felt amazing. I think yoga should be must after every hike.


Von and Alice at Nikkloukta cafe.

Waiting for the bus back to Kiruna

After settling in at Kiruna hostel, we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner. I had a reindeer pizza and the feeling of having pizza after having expedition food for ages…aahhh it felt so good… nothing can beat that. After the dinner we head back to hostel as Kiruna is basically a ghost town.

Early morning we took flight to stockholm and back in london. Our bodies felt fit after all the physical activity every day, and mentally we were recharged ready to take on the challenges of everyday life with renewed energy 🙂
The 4 Kibnekaise climbers at stockholm airport (From left: Elman, Sean, Myself and Lissett)
Map View of our trail from Abisko to Nikkaluokta

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Counting days for my next trip to Lapland – 5 days along Kungsleden

Can’t wait for my next trip to Lapland. Will be hiking the same 110km from Nikkaloukta to Abisko between 16th -21st Aug, that 2000+ “Fjällräven Classic” hikers do every year. The trail runs from the village of Nikkaluokta in the south to Abisko in the north and travels 110 km along the classic hiking trail Kungsleden (“The King’s Trail”), passing through breathtaking mountainous regions and lush, green valleys.

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