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Kungsleden Day 4 – Salka to Kebnekaise


Leaving behind Salka cabins in the distance early morning.



We hiked up and down small hills and mountain slopes crossing a number of small streams.




Crossed bridges


Reached an emergency cabin with some interesting mountain silhouettes in the distance


Chilling in the cabin


Deer herd splashing and crossing the stream. Although I didn’t come across any Sami people, I was glad atleast the reindeer were there ūüôā


Leaving behind another spectacular view


After a small ascend we came across some lake


At this point I was approaching some valleys on either side. Not sure which one was which, Kaskasavagge and Kuopervagge


The alpine nature was with us all around.

At the bottom of the valley on the left, we have the option to either go to Singi or Kebnekaise. Until this point we had hiked more or less towards south, but now the trail made a sharp turn left, and the course was straight east into the valley.


As we walked through the narrow valley, the scenery gets more and more dramatic. Towering walls on both sides were slowly closing in on us, and when we got to the narrowest part, the mountains on both sides reached their peaks, probably over 1500 meters.

(From Left: Stephanie, Ray, Zabeen, Alice)

Everything opened up again, and we had a group of high peaks to our left including the highest point in Sweden, the snowcapped peak of Kebnekaise. Although at this point i had no clue ūüôā Anyway we decided to have a ¬†group pic.


The last bridge before Kebnekaise mountain lodge.

From here on the trail was wide again as we hiked alongside the Laddjujohka-river, but towards the end lots of small stones started sticking up through the dirt.


Camps around Kebnekaise


And then we reached the Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge ūüôā It was very different from what I¬†had come to expect of accommodation and people so far during the trip. Beds didn’t differ that much from cabins along the rest of the trail, it was the size, crowd and all the service. It was a proper busy hotel. There were¬†families and babies landing off helicopters with luggage. There was a la carte restaurant, a shop, equipment rental, internet, bakery etc. It was like almost back to the civilization ūüôā

I rushed to Sauna once again and after another¬†pasta bolognese (not sure why i didn’t go to the restaurant, guess i wanted to get rid of pasta and can of chilli con carne¬†that i carried all the way from Salka), I decided to call it off early to give my knees some extra¬†rest for yet another adventure tomorrow, probably the biggest of all…. Conquering Kebnekaise ūüôā

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