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Kungsleden Day 3 Part 2 – Tjaktja to Salka

As we head towards Salka from Tjaktja cabins, it felt like it was going to be a walk in the park but…



the trail gradually looses its soil and all we could see was stones, rocks and boulders. Amazingly there were still signs of flora here and there and it started raining as well


After about 4 km as we reached the Tjaktja pass, the rain stopped and the sun came out. On the top of the pass there was some kind of an emergency cabin and a toilet.



The view from the top of the pass back to the Tjaktja hut.


Walking Tjaktja pass.


This view from Tjaktja pass towards Salka was jaw dropping. I just couldn’t get enough of it. I lied down there for about half an hour and just stared at it. It gave me goose bumps and I felt so blessed and fortunate.


Before i left the spot I decided to take a selfie 🙂




Down into the valley from the pass, the trail once more transformed into an an easy and slowly descending hike. It was another 6 km down to the Salka cabins.


After about 3 km we took a break.


And we started spotting reindeer 🙂


Soon I was glad to see Salka cabins.



Salka cabins were set up perfectly surrounded by mountains.


Salka shop where i once again loaded myself with dry fruits, jelly beans and chocolates for the next day.



The cabins felt very homely

This time I decided not to waste any time and after a quick pasta dinner with a can of coke I went to sauna. I spent over 45 min in there. It was like the best sauna ever 🙂 When i got back to the cabin, it was so nice to see everyone there, chilling, talking and having a great time in the candle lights. I made a cup of tea and joined the party:) We all went to bed after an hour for yet another adventure lying ahead next day.





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Kungsleden Day 3 Part 1 – Alesjaure to Tjaktja

Around 7am I woke up again and after having a breakfast of can of fruits, ryvita with cheese and some biscuits, we head towards Salka with a plan to skip Tjaktja…another mistake i guess 🙂


Right at the start we had to cross Alisjavri lake (i guess) via a suspension bridge.


Leaving behind Alesjaure.


After that snow covered peaks and glaciers were on both sides of the trail as we hiked on arctic meadows covered with crowberries or grass.





Alice crossing another bridge.


After about 7-8 km we took a break. The views around us were just amazing.


While Anna enjoying the views, Karl was lost in the map.


As we carried on again for another 6km to Tjaktja, Ian once again decided to unpack and pack 🙂


It was a comfortable hike with slow ascending trail with long stretches of flat parts.



Nigel in search for a perfect view for his camera


Tjaktja hut in front after hiking the only climb so far. It was very deceptive. At first glance it looked like I could simply go down the hill, cross the stream and climb back up to the hut… but guess what


this is how it looks when you actually go down the hill and reach the stream. There was a glacier with a waterfall next to it. The rocks were very slippery and it was very difficult to cross the stream. I nearly slipped but backed out. Then I looked up and realized there was another bridge behind the water fall. I simply went back up the hill, walked few hundred meters, cross the bridge and walked round back to the hut. However while i was at the stream i saw Stephanie slipping and there were a couple of other hikers that walked all the way up to the glacier and I am sure they must have fallen while crossing.


Caught Lisette watching and enjoying ppl slipping and getting wet in the stream 🙂


I was at the back so when I reached the hut I figure out nearly everyone slipped and got wet into the stream. I guess that’s why nobody alerted me about the bridge while I was down there, they were just enjoying watching  ppl slipping and getting wet 🙂


Sean decided to get on with the business… coffee 🙂


While we enjoyed the coffee, Dorota as usual couldn’t wait to carry on. She was like a soldier on a mission 🙂


The view of glacier and the waterfall from Tjaktja hut.

After a short break we carried on towards Salka.


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